Microsoft Azure Site Recovery


Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is a solution for (DRAAS) Disaster Recovery as a Service. You can protect your environment by automating the replication of servers and virtual machines, based on policies that you set and control.

Azure Site Recovery can protect Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and physical servers, and you can use Azure or your secondary data centre as your recovery site. Azure Site Recovery coordinates and manages the ongoing replication of data by integrating with existing technologies, including System Center (SCCM) and Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn.


Can be used on the following platforms:

  • Hyper-V Host
  • Hyper-V Cluster
  • VMware vSphere – This requires a dedicated server for roles “Site Configuration Server” and “Process Server” to co-ordinate the replication
  • Physical Server
  • Continuous health monitoring of replicas


Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is primarily built for on-premise Hyper-V infrastructures, but it will work with VMware and physical servers using a dedicated server to perform the conversion.  The solution provides a “Full VM” copy of your guest VM in Azure ready to go in the event of a disaster.

Your site recovery data can be protected with a minimum “Copy Frequency” of 30 seconds, 5min or 15min with Hourly Snapshot retention capability. Recovery Point Retention is 0-24 hours and applications can be managed with consistent snapshots. No additional on-site hardware is required.

Azure Site Recovery can also be used just to migrate workloads to Azure.


No need for customers to purchase disaster recovery (DR) hardware, which will potentially sit idle and not get actively utilised. The “monthly pay as you go” model allows you to scale down or scale up the DR environment as or when it is required. No capital expenditure outlay to provide a robust offsite DR solution for your business.

Pricing Examples

From as little as £18.64 Per Server, per month including VAT. Also requires an Azure Storage Account for VM Storage and a VPN gateway to be ready to failover.

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