CCTV Systems

Whether your CCTV system is to monitor, deter or detect crime, or to keep a watchful eye on something, our systems can be setup to be both useful and reliable to your business.

Our Exeter CCTV services:

  • Installation and repair of CCTV Cameras and Systems in Exeter
  • Advice and consultancy on correct CCTV setup
  • In Exeter, CCTV is greatly beneficial for the productivity of your business,large or small. Installing CCTV cameras on your premises is one way you can monitor your customers and employees.

For instance, theft of valuable assets, computer documents, and other important business properties are most common. Putting up CCTV cameras in strategic places allows your security department to keep track of possible inside jobs or outside thieves. And, of course, you can prevent the unauthorised entry of an outsider or someone who does not have any business with the company.

CCTV provides various benefits to businesses from a visual deterrent to being able to monitor intruder, vandalism or arson. Internally, CCTV is most frequently used to detect shoplifting or unauthorised access to secure or restricted areas.

More recently, we have seen CCTV become essential at protecting businesses from fraudulent insurance claims. From fabricated accidents to being able to prove that heath and safely guidance was given and perhaps not followed, the right CCTV system can prove tremendously useful and can save thousands of pounds.

With cost effective high definition camera’s that can be recording 24/7, at a given schedule or on motion detection, gone are the days of grainy or poor quality images. You can access live CCTV streaming video 24/7 from virtually any device and store your footage locally or in the cloud for security and scalability.

When you buy a CCTV system from IT Champion it is always professionally installed and maintained by us for complete peace of mind.

Our portfolio of CCTV and access systems include:

  • IP CCTV Cameras & Recording
  • Remote & Mobile CCTV Monitoring
  • Building Access Control
  • Biometrics & RFID
  • Building Access Analytics & Automation
  • Installation & Support

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