IT Cost Analysis

There is a constant demand for value for money from every employee and process in an organisation. IT managers and technology decision makers are under significant pressure to deliver effective IT solutions and services to drive efficiency, performance and governance.

Two of the largest factors in any buying decision is cost and value for money. One of the hardest tasks when buying IT products, expertise or IT support services is gathering comparison information.

At IT Champion we go the extra mile when we provide a quotation. We help you analyse all the options available to you whether you’re purchasing hardware, software or labour and support services.

We specialise in helping customers to plan IT projects, set budgets or evaluate and compare IT products and services. Our cost analysis information can help you decide what suits your IT and business strategy.

When you work with us we always aim to design and deliver cost efficient IT systems with foresight in mind, so that you gain a prolonged life expectancy for your investment and the minimum amount of support or management overhead.

IT Audits and Health Checks

Our technical engineers can also conduct full or partial IT systems audits, health checks and capacity planning services that can be used to collate and document all the relevant information about your IT computer systems, network infrastructure, software and licensing before you spend any money.

We will identify the type of audit you require and ensure that we gather meaningful information that can be used for effective analysis, as well as provide financial, logistical and IT strategy planning if required.

Once we have documented the technology you use, the next step is to conduct a systems health check that can save you time and money by identifying problems, errors, performance, compatibility and security issues.

Our expert staff can help you to optimise your IT systems and highlight key areas that require attention. We will help predict potential problems that may cause disruption to your business systems in the future. Your audit and health check will enable you to plan upgrades to gain the maximum benefit from your IT investment.

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