Name: Gareth Riggs

Job Title: Apprentice IT Technician

Email Address:

Ive always been interested in technology and have aspired to get into a career in the IT industry. I took my GCSE and A-Levels. Then decided to go out and get a job in my local convenience store. After 2 years working there, I worked up to supervisor. I then came across an opportunity, whilst looking for a new job in IT, with IT Champion. I started the apprenticeship with IT Champion not only because it looked like a great company to work for but also because I felt this was the catalyst, I needed to set off my IT career. As soon as I had my first meeting with Matt I couldn’t wait to join. Now I have joined I can say that I’m loving working with the team and really enjoying working with computers and learning lots of new things. In my spare time I like gaming, spending time with my girlfriend, my family and watching films/tv. I also have taught myself to play piano