Name: Kyle Gould

Job Title: Front Line Support Technician

Job Role: Front Line support

Email Address:

As you’ve probably guessed from the surname, I am the younger brother of Glenn and Shaun. Having my older brothers as my boss’ is strange and I have to be careful with what I say sometimes, but luckily we get on very well.

I did my work experience at IT Champion while at school, which taught me more about the business and what we do here. Just over a year later after finishing school I joined as an apprentice.

Being related to 2 members of the team when I started really helped, but from the off I got on very well with all members of the team which makes work an enjoyable experience even at the busiest of times. Since joining I’ve taken over the role of managing the workshop and have repaired, rebuilt and setup around 1000 PC’s. Having recently passed my driving test I aim to start doing some on-site visits in 2017 as well as providing front line support to our clients.

If spending 9 hours a day with Glenn in the office wasn’t enough we also play in the same football team together on weekends.