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IT Leasing and Finance

No one pays their rent 3 years in advance, why should you pay for your IT systems in advance?

There has never been a greater need to have the very best equipment and technology on tap to remain competitive and to drive your business forward efficiently.

IT Champion offers finance solutions that make buying IT systems simpler than ever before. With a versatile range of finance solutions, we offer ground breaking schemes for the leasing of hardware and software with the ability to upgrade or replace your systems during the contract period, without any increase to your payments.

We offer flexible leasing and finance options that enable you to upgrade your IT systems with no capital outlay and benefit from the latest technology without requiring a huge budget. Many organisations maintain a five-year working life for their IT equipment. But studies have shown that PCs on a five-year lifecycle can cost up to 25% more to maintain than those on a three-year lifecycle. Replacing IT equipment with finance and leasing services can be cheaper than maintaining outdated technology.

We can make it easy for businesses to benefit from regular IT upgrades, high return on investment and the tax advantages of leasing your technology.

Contact our sales team to find out how we can help your business finance IT upgrades.

1.We calculate the current book value of your IT equipment and give you a cash payment of up to 33% off your new purchase

2.We help you select new hardware, software and services and provide a per-month cost illustration for your technology solution

3.We provide a proposal for a flexible business financing arrangement with the following benefits:

  • Cash payments for your old IT equipment
  • New IT equipment and services without capital outlay
  • Lower cost of maintenance and renewed warranty agreements
  • Tax advantages when leasing new equipment
  • Reduced monthly expenditure

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