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It’s time to end your search and stop worrying about technology. With Managed IT Services that becomes our job. You pay a single monthly fee for support and we become your IT Department. Our completely unlimited support means you and your team can use us as much as you need.

Unlimited Help Desk

IT Champion offers a fully managed help desk. Our certified engineers can troubleshoot and resolve over 95% of your IT problems remotely, without the need to visit your office. Our help desk support is available over the phone and just a few seconds away.

Unlimited Onsite Support

With our unlimited onsite support, a fully qualified technician will attend your office during business hours to make such repairs, corrections and adjustments to your IT systems as may be necessary to remedy the problem.

Upgrade to Premium+ or Flexible+ Support

Do you need an extra layer of IT security or specific support services? With our new Premium+ and Flexible+ support you can add additional features to your help desk package. Customise your Premium+ and Flexible+ support by adding services such as Onsite Support, Email Complete Protection, Managed Anti-Virus, Device Encryption, Enhanced Business Continuity and much more.

Lightning Fast Response

Even a few minutes of system downtime carries a business cost. Our industry leading response times ensure many issues are resolved before they cause downtime, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services from a focused and trusted partner seamlessly integrates into the business it supports.

Managed IT Services costs are generally based on the number of devices or users an organisation has, with many Managed IT Services providers offering flexible, pay as you grow options.  Managed IT Services work just as well for a business that has no internal IT expertise, or it can be complementary to an internal IT team.

There is no blueprint for IT companies to deliver Managed IT Services and it can be very difficult for businesses to differentiate potential provider’s services.

Unfortunately, you won’t know you’ve engaged the wrong IT support company until you’ve started with them and have already invested a considerable amount of time and money.  Sometimes it’s not even that obvious. On the flipside, a good IT support company will save your company a considerable amount of time, money and frustration while increasing business productivity, lowering overall operational costs, improving customer service and helping you avoid devastating and costly downtime.

How does it differ from other types of IT support?

As organisations grow, systems become more integrated and reliability becomes essential, on demand / Break Fix support starts to cause more problems than it solves.

Modern networks and infrastructure require maintenance and monitoring; data and system back-ups need to be checked; and businesses need pre-agreed service levels with a trained and qualified team of people on hand so that if a fault occurs, an engineer with the necessary skills will be available either remotely or on-site within agreed timescales.

If an organisation has Break Fix support, maintenance tends not to be prioritised, vital policies and procedures tend not to get checked or reviewed, faults occur more frequently and resolution times tend to be longer. Furthermore, equipment upgrading or replacement tends to be reactive and implemented to fix a problem which makes planning and budgeting virtually impossible.

Introducing Fully Managed IT Services from IT Champion 

The IT Champion approach …

With the IT industry and technology constantly changing, why is the support you’re currently receiving no different to how it’s always been? Many IT companies lose focus on what’s important. Your staff complain about the support they receive; it feels like your systems are creaking and you’re worried about data and security risks. Service level reports from your current IT provider showing how they have hit all of their service targets mean nothing if your team wait hours for a call back just to log a ticket.

It doesn’t need to be like this. Our approach will provide your company with so much more and will include everything necessary in one support package.

  • Unlimited remote supportIT Champion Zero Risk Guarantee
  • Unlimited administration and management
  • Unlimited onsite support
  • Unlimited vendor / supplier management
  • Unlimited 24/7 Network monitoring and reporting
  • Unlimited replacement parts
  • Instant, industry leading support
  • Virtual IT manager
  • Zero risk guarantee

A key point is that traditionally Break Fix IT support companies will make more money the more problems you have and the longer they take to resolve. Unlike Break Fix IT Support models, IT Champion does absolutely everything possible to ensure your network remains stable. When you encounter any issues we both lose.

Key Managed IT Services statistics  

Number of times the Zero risk guarantee has been used - EVER (Zero)
% of problems identified and fixed by 24/7 network reporting (30%)
% of support requests that needed contact with other suppliers (40%)
% of issues fixed remotely within a few minutes (95%)

How much does it cost?

It sounds like a simple question but many IT Companies make you jump through hoops to answer this question. In many cases, even when you do get a quote, it can be very difficult to know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.

IT Champion’s Managed IT Services combine the most comprehensive levels of support, advice and guidance with lightning fast response times, all locally supplied and at a very competitive price. We understand that every company’s needs are slightly different and that’s why we make it simple to choose the services that are right for your business.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you are not completely happy with the IT Support you are receiving. If that’s the case, we would love the opportunity to talk to you.

Help desk

Unlimited remote support

Unlimited maintenance

Unlimited supplier management

24/7 Network Monitoring

Lightning Fast Response



Save over 30%


Add to a Help desk plan for:

Unlimited onsite support

Scheduled onsite maintenance 

No call out or traveling charges 

Lightning Fast Response 



Premium+ Support

Add to a Help desk plan for:

Onsite Support 

Email Complete Protection 

Managed Anti-Virus 

Device Encryption 

£Call to Customise


Cover for upto 5 machines:

Help desk cover for x 5

Modern Workplace support

Managed PC Security x 5



*All prices quoted are plus VAT and based on a per machine, per month basis. For companies with 10 machines or less, the per machine, per month price is higher. Please contact us for a detailed proposal based on your business, we would love to talk to you.

Zero Risk GuaranteeIT Champion Zero Risk Guarantee

We are committed to providing the best IT support in the industry and we’ll stake our reputation and hard earned cash on it.

That’s why we’ve introduced the IT Champion Zero Risk Guarantee. If you do not see satisfactory results within 90 days, we will give you your money back.

We know that choosing the right IT provider can be daunting. To eliminate the stress and uncertainty of hiring a competent IT support company, we’ve decided to offer our clients this ZERO RISK guarantee on all our Managed IT Services packages.

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