Name: Matt Phillips

Job Title: Managing Director

Job Role: IT Champion Founder & Leader

Email Address:

It takes a while to find something that you really enjoy doing and for me, it wasn’t until I founded IT Champion in 2009 that I found my dream role. It’s been great fun and very exciting seeing our team and client base grow and having the honour of working with such a great group of people.

As Managing Director of a service orientated business I’m always kept on my toes. From organising a well-deserved takeaway or putting together another Ikea desk, it’s my job to make sure the team have what they need.  Almost every call we take, and we take a lot, is a call for help from someone.  Ensuring that we answer that call quickly and that the team of people at our end are willing, able and motivated to help is what sets us apart.

Despite pleas from my wife, I’m yet to take up a hobby or remain an active member of a gym past the first month. To relax and to lose a little weight I’ve started walking as much as I can. Thanks to my birthday present, an apple watch, I am constantly told how I’m doing against the daily exercise targets my wife kindly set for me.

Matt Phillips IT Champion