Server backup failing, hangs, or you need to restore data

It may be that your backup was configured some time ago and that it’s time to review exactly what you are backing up and how far back your back-up actually goes. It may be that you need help understanding the error message your backup software produced during a recent issue. It may also be that you need to recover some or all of your data following a major failure. Whatever the issue, the IT Support Team at IT Champion will be on hand to help.
Here are some recent problems our clients had which were solved by our experts:

  • My backup has completed with errors, is this normal?
  • I received a system error during backup, what can I do?
  • My system is scheduled to make a periodical system backup but it missed it this time.
  • My backup has taken much longer to complete than normal and seems to have hung.
  • I can’t backup my database, what is the cause?
  • I received a backup failure message “The system cannot find the file specified. (0×80070002)”, what is that?
  • During system backup, I received this message “error IO device. Aborting backup”. Why is that?

Regardless of what your businesses backup failure, problems or questions are, the IT Champion IT Support Team can solve it.

Some of the most common backup failures are due to software issues, backup drives, tape failures or simple human errors.

Hardware failure, natural disasters and virus infections can all add to the routine needed to restore a missing or damaged file. With some businesses not actively checking their backup reports and periodically testing these via a schedule test file restore, it can be a nasty surprise to find that backups are damaged or not providing the breadth or depth of data required.