Microsoft SharePoint

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is web a based platform that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your business by enhancing communication and collaboration as well as streamlining the management of and access to your data.

  • Access sites securely from any device
  • Use SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 or SharePoint on-premises
  • Sync documents from team sites or OneDrive for Business
  • Quickly find documents and resources through enterprise search
  • Manage compliance with Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

SharePoint stores your documents in a central, secure location that allows users to search with instant access to the data they need. It enables users to share information across your intranet, whilst ensuring users see only the data that is useful and relevant to them.

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SharePoint is commonly used to address business needs such as:

  • Document Management
  • Collaboration and team spaces
  • Staff directories and shared resources such as calendars, meeting rooms, mail boxes etc.
  • Enhanced remote and home working solutions
  • Business process automation
  • Bespoke features such as HR systems, procurement automation, customer portals

Seamless collaboration

Today’s SharePoint team site is your team’s content hub. It’s where everyone you work with both inside and outside your organisation comes together in real time to get work done – creating and sharing content using the same, familiar Microsoft Office tools you use every day.

Anywhere access

You need to stay productive wherever life takes you and now you can with the new SharePoint app. It’s like having your company’s intranet in your pocket giving you anywhere access to your team and organisational resources needed to get work done.

Intelligence and insights

Start your day at SharePoint Home, where you can see, at a glance, activity across all your sites and groups. Collaborate on the intranet in your team sites, and stay up to date with ‘who’s who’ and ‘what’s new’, with views of your team’s activity on the team site home page and in document libraries. Connect to expertise and content with innovative People Cards that help you make the most of who you’re working with and what they’re working on. And spend less time searching for files—with intelligent recommendations, files will find you.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Today, more than ever, enterprises need a scalable solution that meets security and compliance requirements while ensuring unified policies are applied across every workload and every device. SharePoint offers best-in-class security, with more than a decade of experience building enterprise software and online services. End users get the productivity they’ve been asking for while the IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirements they require.

Get a SharePoint Intranet site

Our SharePoint experts can advise and guide organisations to understand, plan, deploy, develop and exploit Microsoft SharePoint, whether customers are looking for a basic intranet or complex workflow driven SharePoint based applications on premise or in the cloud.

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Expert SharePoint Consultancy

We help businesses to adopt, develop and support the latest on-premise, cloud and hybrid Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Our Microsoft experts provide SharePoint consultancy, development and integration services

Unlimited SharePoint Support

SharePoint Managed Services can eliminate the need to hire and maintain qualified full-time SharePoint administrators. Offloading your SharePoint end-user support and maintenance allows you to concentrate on what’s important to you.

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SharePoint is a huge product with almost limitless uses. With an understanding of how your business works, what pain points it has and a little imagination, SharePoint can be developed to help with almost any part of your business.

Whether you are looking for more information about the SharePoint licenses you got with your Office 365 subscription but haven’t used yet, or you are looking for a basic document management site, or you want to improve the way your team and clients collaborate, or you are looking for support to develop your existing SharePoint sites; we can help.

To find out how SharePoint could benefit your business, talk to us today about our SharePoint discovery sessions.


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