Name: Tom Jacobs

Job Title: Senior Systems Engineer

Job Role: Lead systems engineer

Email Address:

I started working in IT in 2009 shortly after finishing 6th form and opting to pursue a career in IT rather than go to University.

I’ve always been a bit of a technology and gadget enthusiast and as the industry is always changing and moving forwards, it seemed like a logical career choice. Having worked for a large variety of organisations ranging from small businesses to some of the biggest employers in the region, I have a vast wealth of experience in designing, implementing and supporting IT solutions for organisations of any size.

I’ve joined IT Champion as a Senior Systems Engineer and in this role I’m hoping to help drive the technical side of the business forward by using my knowledge and experience gained in the last seven years. I always try to be as approachable as I can and offer the best advice available.

In my spare time I’m a keen musician playing Drums, Guitar and Keyboards. I’m also an avid gamer playing a wide variety of games on Xbox.