Microsoft Azure Application Proxy


Microsoft Azure AD Application Proxy provides your organisation with a single sign-on (SSO) and secure remote access solution for web applications hosted on-premises. Some apps that you might want to publish include SharePoint sites, Outlook Web Access, or any other LOB web applications you have. These on-premise web applications are integrated with Azure AD, the same identity and control platform that is used by Office 365. End users can access your on-premise web applications the same way they access Office 365 and other SaaS apps integrated with Azure AD. You don’t need to change the network infrastructure or require VPN to provide this solution to your users.


When you publish your apps using Azure AD Application Proxy, you can take advantage of the rich authentication controls and security analytics in Azure. You get cloud-scale security and Azure security features such as conditional access and two-step verification.

You don’t have to open any inbound connections through your firewall to give your users remote access to on premise web applications.


Can be used by customers to publish web applications that are on-premise, to the internet without the need to expose inbound ports through their firewall.

  • Removes the need to create firewall rules that allow open ports directly on your LAN
  • Web applications can be configured so that they must be authenticated via Azure AD first and then directed to the page
  • Suited for customers that already have an Azure AD presence with a minimum of Azure AD Basic


  • Increased security by not allowing any inbound connections thorough the Firewall
  • Only outbound access is only required on ports 80 and 443
  • Protect externally presented application resources with Multi Factor Authentication

Pricing Examples

  • Included in Azure AD basic or Premium
  • Or £0.75 per user per month including VAT (AD Basic)

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