Routers switches and firewalls

Routers, switches and firewalls are the core IT in many organisations.

When running properly, high quality products by Meraki, Cyberoam, HP, Watchguard, Fortinet, Unifi and Dell can deliver exceptional results that aid efficiency.

When running properly, high quality products by Meraki, Cyberoam, HP, Watchguard, Fortinet, Unifi and Dell can deliver exceptional results that aid efficiency.

Business-grade switches, routers and firewalls must be maintained, serviced and upgraded in order to have 100% efficient functionality.

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When you experience a router, switch or firewall failure, it can be devastating to your organisation’s ability to operate.

The Emergency IT Support team at IT Champion realises the importance of properly operating network equipment and the need for immediate action when things go wrong.

We understand that even well planned and executed set-up process is, maintenance and upgrade of these products require expert knowledge and capabilities.

At IT Champion, we house a dynamic team of network engineers to help you through anything network related. Our team is available to you on-demand but IT Champion IT support offers the most competitive service rates and response times in the South West.

About us

Our dedicated network team can help with any of the following issues:

  • WAN Network Design
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Static Routing
  • Basic and Advanced Routing Protocols over the WAN
  • Router Security Hardening
  • Dynamic and Static Site to site VPN tunnels
  • Remote Dial User VPN tunnel
  • Gateway Load balancing
  • Bandwidth Monitoring with SNMP and logging event changes with a Syslog server
  • Firewall restrictions on specific sites and services
  • QoS (Quality of Service) for critical traffic
  • Wireless setup and topology design
  • Network upgrades, slow network speed issues etc.
  • IP addressing design and improvement
  • Layer 2 and 3 switching

Emergency support

How our 24/7 emergency support works

Emergency remote support

Step 1 – call us

We provide emergency remote support, phone support and onsite support to clients with no existing support contract outside of normal business hours.

If you need help now, just give one of our engineers a call.

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Free assessments of needs

Step 2 – Assessment in minutes

For clients with no existing support contract, call us and we’ll carry out an assessment of your needs to ensure we are the best people to assist and to form a resolution plan. The assessment is free and costs will only be incurred once a resolution plan with estimated timescales and costs has been agreed and work has commenced.

We aim to start the FREE assessment in minutes of your call.

Out-of-hours standard rate

Step 3 – Remote assistance

Our standard out-of-hours hourly rate is £142.50 plus VAT with a minimum charge of 1 hour. These rates can vary on bank holidays or may be reduced if the resolution plan involves normal working hours support. Likely costs will be discussed at the assessment stage. All work is carried out on a best endeavours basis and charged on a time and materials basis.

In a remote session that will aim to have you up and running, all emergency assistance is provided on a reasonable endeavours basis, we cannot guarantee to be able to resolve the issue.

We know it’s all about trust

Zero-risk guarantee

We are the region’s only managed IT support provider to offer a zero-risk guarantee.

We are committed to providing the best IT support in the industry – we stake our reputation and our hard-earned cash it.
The IT Champion ‘zero-risk guarantee’ states that if you do not see satisfactory results within 90 days we will give you your money back.

We know that choosing the right IT provider can be daunting. To eliminate the stress, and uncertainty, of hiring a competent IT support company, we offer our clients the zero-risk guarantee on all our managed IT support plans.

60 second challenge

We work hard to ensure that one of our front line team is available in under a minute.

On average, our front line team answer calls in under 15 seconds and we are consistently rated as very easy to get help from via our closed ticket surveys.

If one of our customers thinks we didn’t hit our 60-second target when they called us (within our working hours), we’ll send them a little something that’s sweet or healthy in recognition of how important we take the challenge.


We are exceptionally proud to have won awards locally, regionally and from within our industry.

Being recognised by CloudTango as one of the top 50 Managed Service Providers (MSP) of the UK in 2021 is a great accolade to our work. Exeter College and ourselves being shortlisted as the small employer of the year in 2020 for our work with apprentices over the years. In 2018, we won the business service category of the Exeter Living Awards.

Our fresh approach

From the first time you talk with us to speaking with one of our friendly frontline technicians, our refreshing open and friendly manner underpins the ease of doing business with us.

We do everything within our control to ensure your IT remains stable and secure. If there is an issue we will actively attend to it within clear time frames. Keeping you updated, owning responsibility for any issues that we should have prevented.