IT Solutions and Support for the Education Sector

IT Champion are committed to raising the standard of IT support within schools, colleges and universities. We offer everything from Managed IT Services for educational institutions to Cloud Integration and unlimited technical support – all including our Zero Risk Guarantee.

  • We fix technical issues fast – minimising downtime and reducing costs.
  • We can ensure security for your staff and students both online and offline
  • Your institution will receive unlimited technical support via our fully managed help desk
  • We can back up important data and information with Cloud storage solutions

At IT Champion we understand that every academic institution is unique and has a distinct set of IT requirements and challenges that they face each day. We can help schools, colleges and universities to overcome and conquer these issues. We believe that by having a consistently reliable IT infrastructure, your academic organisation can successfully integrate IT across the curriculum, instil teaching staff confidence in technology and raise productivity by streamlining IT and communication processes.

Comprehensive IT Support

From as little as £12.50/mo IT Champion will become your designated IT department, offering your educational institution unlimited support and services that are tailored to meet the education sector.

We have a dedicated IT for Education Team, consisting of specialist consultants and technical engineers. IT Champion recognise that the education sector has distinct demands and there is a continual drive to reduce costs and management overhead. We can help you to select the most appropriate IT solutions and services as well as highlight new emerging technologies developed specifically for the academic market.

Get IT Support for Schools, Colleges and Universities

We provide IT infrastructure support and maintenance to academic institutions in the South West and across the UK. Our aim is to help you to ensure that your IT systems function efficiently and that any technical issues are resolved quickly. We can provide many different IT Support  and Managed IT Services therefore we can tailor our IT support contracts to suit your exact needs, whether that’s supporting your existing IT team or taking care of everything.

Unlimited Help Desk

IT Champion offers a fully managed help desk. Our certified engineers can troubleshoot and resolve over 95% of your IT problems remotely, without the need to visit your office. Our help desk support is available over the phone and just a few seconds away.

Unlimited Onsite Support

With our unlimited onsite support, a fully qualified technician will attend your office during business hours to make such repairs, corrections and adjustments to the system as may be necessary to remedy the problem.

Lightening Fast Response

Even a few minutes of system downtime carries a business cost. Our industry leading response times ensure many issues are resolved before they cause downtime, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Unlimited Replacement Parts 

Replacement parts can be expensive and make budgeting difficult. With the option of unlimited replacement parts cover, we’ll replace some of the most common components that fail on workstations and laptops.

 Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We can help you to support and develop your Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our team have many years of experience of working with a wide range of LMS applications for education organisations and institutions, including Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), induction and orientation portals, academic business management systems, assessment and compliance platforms.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

The choice of VLE software for the academic marketplace is ever growing. We are conversant with most of the industry leading VLE products. However, we specialise in supplying support services for the and Microsoft SharePoint platforms. This means that we can offer impartial advice and help you to deliver the most suitable VLE hosting, deployment, integration and technical support options for your organisation.

Classroom Video Recording & Streaming

‘Flip’ teaching or the ‘Flipped’ classroom concept is turning education on its head, the model inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of the classroom and moving “homework” into the classroom. We are able to provide bespoke classroom audio and video recording or video streaming solutions. Teachers can create a virtual classroom or record videos that students can view at home or from any location. This method allows valuable class time to be spent completing collaborative and interactive activities to reinforce learning concepts. If you’re considering adopting a flip classroom model or wish to discuss the benefits and technical requirements contact our education specialists.

Microsoft SharePoint Portals for Education

Our SharePoint development team have years of experience in designing, building and developing bespoke software applications, websites, intranets and portals for the education sector. We create powerful automation tools that can provide your organisation with the collaborative, mobile and virtual work styles that help educators and students work together and stay productive from any location. We have helped many different academic organisations to integrate and “web enable” their business and learning management systems to supply new and effective methods of sharing and managing information.

Campus Networks

We understand the high importance placed on wired and wireless network speeds and the resilience of your campus computer network. Our network infrastructure team can design, plan, install, upgrade and support your campus network to meet the growing demand of your user base. Working with the latest technologies from our industry partners means we can deliver academic and education institutions with high performance, robust and flexible computer networks that are scalable and easy to manage.

Computer Hardware & Software for Education

IT Champion offer a tailored service for the supply of IT solutions, computer hardware and software licensing to the education sector. Our sales consultants will assess your requirements, taking into account your IT environment and strategy, and we will then recommend the exact equipment specification, software and labour services that meets your needs and budget. We work with most of the world’s major IT vendors, so whether you have a requirement for consumables, printers, laptops, notebooks, PCs, tablets, servers or software we’re confident that we can supply them to you at the right price.

School Communication Systems

We specialise in the design, planning, deployment and support of Unified Communication systems for education. Users can take advantage of instant messaging, video conferencing and enterprise voice capabilities through a single interface that is consistent across PCs, browsers, and mobile devices. IT personnel benefit from a single, consistent communication platform and management infrastructure with new capabilities to increase availability and interoperability with existing systems. Below are just a few advantages that a unified communication solution can offer to the education sector:

  • Replace your old phone system with an integrated and industry standard communication solution from Microsoft and enjoy academic licensing prices!
  • Find the right teacher, student or administrator and make richer connections, with new enhanced IM and presence features, including pictures and locations.
  • Collaborate your way, using desktop and application sharing, PowerPoint uploads, or rich white-boarding, including the ability to copy and paste text and images.
  • Need to meet with other educators or students? Want to schedule a parent-teacher or staff meeting via telephone or video conference? You can schedule and join meetings with a single click in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Skype for Business.

Internet Connectivity

The education sector has very specific needs in terms of internet connectivity, security, content filtering and connection speed. We are authorised to supply a wide range of internet security, high speed connectivity and SIP trunk packages aimed at large and small academic organisations.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The growing dependence on access to technology 24/7 continues to spread into all aspects of the work place. The reliance on business-critical information, productivity tools, email and communication systems is ever increasing. Our consultants and engineers can prepare your organisation for unforeseen circumstances by creating a more resilient and high availability infrastructure and helping to develop your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Managed IT Services

IT Champion’s Managed IT Services combine the most comprehensive levels of support, advice and guidance with lightning fast response times, all locally supplied and at a very competitive price. We understand that schools and universities have unique requirements and distinct demands, which is why we make it simple to choose the services that are right for your institution.

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Office 365 can provide a collaborative workplace for your staff, providing the latest versions of SharePoint, Skype for Business, Office Pro Plus and Teams. Utilize teamwork apps such as HD video conferencing and group chat; and take full advantage of Office 365 secure email.

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Back up and store your institutions data in the cloud – removing the need for capital investment in hardware, space and backup/restore services. Azure is ideal for disaster recovery, backup recovery and storage; it’s also incredibly secure as it’s backed by Microsoft’s industry leading privacy policies and compliance programs.

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Store your vital information and documents in a central, secure location, providing you with instant access to the data you need. SharePoint enables users to share information across your intranet, whilst ensuring users see only the data that is useful and relevant to them.

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