• IT Champion recommended that ELF migrate their data to Microsoft SharePoint online.

    IT Champion have been delivering unlimited

    2.8 min readPublished On: August 3, 2021Categories: Case study, Cloud, Hardware, Office 365, SharePoint, Upgrade
  • IT Champion were commissioned to conduct the migration from their terminal server infrastructure and provide ongoing Managed IT services to support.

    2.8 min readPublished On: July 7, 2021Categories: Case study, Managed IT Services, SharePoint
  • IT Champion were asked to propose a suitable solution that would enable BLUE to amalgamate and consolidate their data into one

    2.4 min readPublished On: October 22, 2020Categories: Case study, Data, Migration, SharePoint
  • IT Champion were commissioned to propose a suitable replacement for their existing ageing server infrastructure, which provided access to users via

    2.7 min readPublished On: September 29, 2020Categories: Case study, Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, SharePoint
  • IT Champion was commissioned to replace all of the ageing Windows 7 PCs before Microsoft stopped supporting the operating system.

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  • Hammett Associates were looking for a new IT partner with a proven track record of providing managed IT services to businesses

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  • Progrow were looking for a Managed IT Support Service partner with a proven track record.

    Progrow were running

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  • The partners and IT team at Simpkins Edwards determined that they wanted to ensure their IT infrastructure was best in class

    5 min readPublished On: April 25, 2019Categories: Azure, Case study, Cloud, Migration, Office 365
  • Bridgewater and Taunton College approached IT Champion for advice and wanted assistance with the specification and design of the solution, as

    1.8 min readPublished On: April 15, 2019Categories: Azure, Case study, Cloud, Hardware, MFA, Server, Upgrade
  • The school management felt that replacing the school’s core IT infrastructure should be completed before the new school building was completed

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  • They commissioned an IT Champion senior systems engineer to design a topology for the new network and select the most appropriate

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  • Following the investigation, IT Champion recommended that Taylor Lewis upgrade the operating systems of their PC’s from Windows 7 to Windows

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