Computer Systems

Computer systems form the building blocks of any business and we supply, install, maintain, fix and support thousands of computers for hundreds of businesses in and around Devon and beyond.

Whether you are looking to upgrade old computers running outdated or slow software or you are looking for expert advice in designing and setting up servers, workstations, PCs or mobile devices, we can help.

Our comprehensive portfolio of business computer systems include:

  • Enterprise & Small Business Servers
  • Workstations & PCs
  • Thin Client Terminals
  • Rack Enclosures
  • Power Management & UPS
  • Components & Peripherals
  • Mobile Computing


Our range of business class servers from Dell and HP deliver optimised and secure computing capability in your own data centre. We can unlock new levels of performance and scalability for small businesses and organisations with even the most demanding workloads.

When you depend on software applications specific to your business, knowing that your server platform is resilient is extremely important. We offer servers that deliver efficiency, control, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, so that your business can stay ahead.

Whether you run a small office or large multi-site operation, Servers from IT Champion are the perfect fit for your IT needs.

Workstations and PCs

We supply and support workstation and PC hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers including HP, Dell & Lenovo, which provide high performance products and reliability backed up with excellent local and worldwide support.

Advice & Product Selection

Choosing the right computer systems to power your business can be a complex and demanding task. At IT Champion we unravel these challenges by helping clients of every size to select and purchase the right computer equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your specific Computer Systems requirements