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We genuinely believe that if your business is looking for a local IT partner who really does care, you should talk to us.


Whether you are a business owner or a manager responsible for IT within your company, IT Champion can help with a range of support services.

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If you’re looking for a competitive edge for your business, improved remote and mobile working for your team or have a project that needs completing, IT Champion can help.

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Need help understanding the benefits that the cloud could have for business? IT Champion are experts in helping businesses move to the right cloud services for their business.

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About Our Company

We’ve been providing organisations of all shapes and sizes with lightning fast, people focused IT Support and expertise since 2009 and are proud to be recognised as one of the fastest growing IT Support companies in the region.

Our reputation, the skills and qualifications we hold and the phenomenal team of people we have make us who we are.

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Managed IT Services

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Zero Risk Guarantee

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IT Support in Exeter  

The IT Champion Exeter support team are proud to be acknowledged for offering some of the best IT and Technical Support in the industry.    

Based in the heart of the historic city of Exeter, IT Champion are a trusted IT support company offering an array of remote and on-site IT Services to small and medium sized businesses in the region.

Proactive Not Reactive   

IT Champion prides itself on being completely proactive in its IT Support. New clients are constantly telling us how refreshing our proactive approach is after their previous IT company used a solely reactive system.  

Traditionally, IT support companies are extremely reactive – you call them when something is broken, the support company will troubleshoot the problem and then afterward you will receive a bill for the time the IT company spent resolving the issue. By the time you are aware of a problem, it’s already too late. This is where IT Champion stand out from the crowd. In our Exeter offices, we have invested heavily in industry leading IT support tools and technicians. We have developed our internal systems and procedures; and we are always striving to become truly proactive. This allows us to remotely resolve issues before end users are even aware the issue existed. In 2012 IT Champion’s Exeter support team resolved over 80% of client issues using proactive technology.    

An IT Support Company Based in Exeter   

Exeter has rapidly grown in size since the late 1980’s, when technology started to become widely used in business. It should therefore come as no surprise that remotely managed IT support services are increasing too.  

Over the years IT companies have focussed much of their IT support on commercial business areas. However, recent developments have led to a significant rise in demand for IT support for office based industries. IT Champion’s experienced consultants have adapted alongside these developments and are able to offer tailored, managed IT support for a range of different business areas. Our high standard of service and rapid remote repair fix rate has led to IT Champion being recognised as one of the largest IT support company’s in the Exeter area.   

When searching for ‘IT Support Exeter’, ‘IT Services Exeter’ or ‘Technical Support Exeter’ you will find a whole host of companies offering you a varied range of IT support packages. However, only IT Champion offer a Zero Risk Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the IT Support provided by your technician, then we won’t charge you a penny. Most IT support companies won’t offer your business any guarantees at all and we challenge you to find another IT company in Exeter that will offer a powerful guarantee like this.

Why not get in touch today if you need a repair carried out, a system overhaul, or just a fresh pair of eyes on your current IT system?  

Access to Performance Statistics

As well as offering powerful guarantees, IT Champion has a very unique method of identifying how we are performing throughout the month. With most IT support companies, you won’t be offered any insight into how well they are performing on a daily basis, but here at IT Champion we offer full transparency with our system.  

Our performance stats and monthly reporting are unlike any other Exeter IT Support company. We can demonstrate how quickly our technician response times are; how many repairs have been carried out; how many proactive support requests we have closed; how much money we are saving our clients; and how often we provide managed IT support for another vendor’s hardware or software. We know these points are important for your company and we measure our success by what we can do for you.  

Do Your Research  

When looking for a new Exeter IT support company we encourage you to review the key pages of our website. We guarantee you will not find another company in the Exeter area that takes IT support and repair response as seriously as IT Champion. Our industry-awarded partnerships and Zero Risk Guarantee should demonstrate how much we will care for your business.  

IT Champion offers the best IT support system in the industry and we encourage you to call us today to chat with a technician and arrange a Free Microsoft Network and Security Evaluation. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and there is no cost or obligation to agree to further IT support services if you are simply looking for an evaluation.  


FREE – Technology Health Check

When was the last time you put your business through an independent technology health check?

It’s a completely FREE of CHARGE service designed specifically to help businesses get the most out of the technology they have and to highlight any IT solutions that would benefit them.


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FREE – Cyber Essentials Checkup

Protect your business against cyber threats

One in four businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Cyber criminals don’t just attack banks and large companies – they target any organisation which isn’t properly protected, even micro and small businesses.

Arrange your completely FREE of CHARGE Cyber Essentials Checkup.

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Support+ Managed IT Services

Unlimited Computer Support

Great tech support for your business PC or laptop is only a phone call away.

Our certified engineers can troubleshoot and resolve over 95% of your IT problems remotely and is available over the phone and just a few seconds away.

From £12.50 per month

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