Microsoft Azure File Sync


Microsoft Azure File Sync keeps your Azure file share (cloud based) in-sync with your on-premises Window Servers. Azure File Sync can tier files between your on-premises file server and Azure Files. This enables you to keep only the newest and most recently accessed files locally without sacrificing the ability to see and access your entire file store through seamless cloud recall. With Azure File Sync, you can effectively transform your Windows File Server into an on-premises tier of Azure Files.


  • Cloud Tiering
  • Cloud Snapshots
  • Inter-Office Sharing (even without site to site VPN)


Since Azure File Sync is a multi-master sync solution, it makes it easy to solve multi-site access problems introduced by having a single point of access when using on-premise data. Azure File Sync allows the synchronisation of Azure File shares and servers anywhere in the world. Azure File Sync has a simplified concept using the “Sync Group”, to help you manage the locations that should be kept in sync with each other. Every Sync Group has one cloud endpoint, which represents an Azure File share, and one or more server endpoints, which represents a path on a Windows Server. That’s it! Everything within a Sync Group will be automatically kept in sync!


  • Storage tiering ensuring that only frequently used data is stored on-premise
  • For multiple sites using a centralised file share without site to site connectivity
  • Potentially replace DFS-R (Replication)
  • Can be used along with DFS-N (Namespaces)

Pricing Examples

  • Locally redundant 1TB of data = £45.79 per month including VAT
  • Sync Server £1.86 per month including VAT
  • Operations (Put, Create, list, others) 2000 operations = £46.96 per month including VAT

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