Retained Technical Services

What are Retained Technical Services?

Retained Technical Services (RTS) is where you purchase time in advance and in return get guaranteed service levels and access to our skilled and qualified people when you need them. Retained Technical Services are often wrongly recommended to businesses who would really benefit from other types of support such as Managed IT Support or Break Fix. Unfortunately, many IT companies have failed to adapt to the latest models of support and continue to  recommend this support solution, not because it best fits the client, but because they have failed to modernise the way that they deliver IT Support.

Where does Retained Technical Services work well?

Retained Technical Services is best used where a business has some internal IT resources to handle many basic issues or administrative tasks, however, they need to know that they can escalate issues quickly and effectively should they need additional skills or technical resources. RTS can be a very effective way of bolstering an internal skill set whilst getting service level backed guarantees.

RTS is also a good solution for providing holiday cover or out of hours IT support. Generally, RTS hours don’t expire and are simply drawn down as and when required. As RTS tends to be very reactive and only used when there is a problem. There are not normally any regular or fix monthly costs.

Where does Retained Technical Services not work so well?

In its worst adaptation, RTS amounts to a retainer style of IT Support and one that’s best consigned to the history books. We have helped many businesses move away from RTS as it can end up impacting their cash flow where they pay for support they may not need for many months. The same level of support can be accessed on an as required basis at the same, or lower, hourly rate from companies like IT Champion. If a company’s IT requirement is low and sporadic then having a relationship with a local IT support provider that will charge on an as required basis is generally the best option. If a business has a high demand for IT support, then a fixed cost, unlimited support plan like Support + Managed IT Services can be a far more cost effective solution.

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